City Farm eggs are AA grade coming from Free Range, Pasture Raised Hens. We also use a Certified non-GMO feed mix to incorporate a high nutrient diet.  You will be able to enjoy fresh eggs with a slightly orange colored yolk that will practically stand up in the pan.

In addition to our eggs from free range hens fed only NON GMO feed we have:

  • Eggs  that are Certified Organic from hens fed only NON GMO feed and are PASTURE RAISED.
  • Brown eggs from always cage free hens
  • Antibiotics are not usually given in the egg industry but there are two known antibiotics that are approved by FDA if needed. Neither produces residues in the eggs. City Farm Montrose birds are given vaccinations from hatch to 17 weeks old (before production stage) and are monitored closely by our veterinarian to insure that they have a strong immune system during their life cycle. We also enforce strict biosecurity for our plants and farms to ensure that out birds remain healthy. It is not allowed and we do not give hormones to our laying hens.